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Hello, my name is Waitira (Juan Montoya) I am from the Pueblo of Santa Ana. I am currently the Keres Language Teacher at the middle and high schools. I have received my licensure for teaching through the New Mexico Public Education Department in July of 2009. I have received numerous hours of training at the University of New Mexico in the Language Literacy and Social Cultural Studies, in the Native Language Teaching Institute in immersion settings, also to include Indigenous Language Institute of Technology in digital storytelling, and Academic Training Certificate in Teaching Values, Classroom Management, Intervention of student’s behavior, Indian Motivational and Value Systems.
I have been teaching our students going on two years. We have just recently for 2009-2010 school years graduated our first Tamayame Keres language students. I am looking forward to the upcoming school year which is just around the corner.
My goals are to teach our young students of our Culture, Traditions and of course the language of the Tamayame. I like to thank the parents, students and community in allowing me in teaching our Tamayame children.
Percie Tenorio
My name is Percie Tenorio and I am from the Pueblo of Santa Ana. I come from the Clan. I have a son, granddaughter and grandson. I have been employed here at the Department of Education as a Language Instructor for the pueblo. I work with the Head Start Program under Five Sandoval, teaching the Keres language on Monday from 9-12. My focus is teaching the Keres language to the children. I teach 17-19 students a year and teaching the small learners is very challenging.
Freddie A Armijo
My name is Freddie A. Armijo, I am the Language and Culture Assistant. My worksite for the school year is Roosevelt and Carroll Elementary. The grades I assist with are K thru 2nd grades in the morning and 3 thru 5th grades in the afternoon. Also I assist the Keres Teacher with gathering lesson materials and copying activities for children to take home.
My name is Erin Pino and I am the Middle/High school Language & Culture teacher assistant for the Pueblo of Santa Ana. I assist head teacher with language & culture lesson/materials development and any in classroom activities. I attend Central New Mexico community college (CNM) part-time and have a year left to accomplish my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Highlands University Branch in Rio Rancho. My goal is being a positive role model for our younger generations as I continue to carry on the Tamaya language & culture.
My name is Mildred Demmert and I was born and raised in Alaska. I received my BA in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado. I have worked for the PSA/Department of Education since 2000 as the Assistant Director. Prior to working at the Department of Education, I worked as the bookkeeper for a small non-profit organization that did training for Head Start/Early Childhood programs. I have served on the education committee and education board for the Pueblo of Santa Ana before becoming an employee. Currently, I work closely with the education board on higher education scholarships, and other education issues; I maintain the budgets for the department; I maintain all scholarship files; I work directly with institutions of higher education financial aid offices; I compile higher education student data; I oversee the department in the absence of the director.




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