Tamaya History

The Pueblo of Santa Ana is a Native American tribe with reservation lands that include a strip of New Mexico's fertile Rio Grande valley.

The Santa Ana Pueblo people, who have occupied their current site in central New Mexico since at least the late 1500s, believe their ancestors originated from a subterranean world to the north.

The first Spaniards to explore pueblo country arrived in the 1540s. Santa Ana, then called Tamaya, submitted to Spanish rule in 1598 and was assigned the patron saint by which it has since become known.

After the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, the returning Spanish, anxious to reconquer the pueblos, forced the Santa Anans to flee their village to the nearby Black Mesa and Jemez Mountains. Tamaya, the Old Santa Ana Pueblo, was established after the reconquest of the territory in the late 1600s. In 1693, the Santa Ana people returned to the present pueblo location, about 27 miles northwest of Albuquerque, where they began acquiring adjacent land for agricultural purposes.

Today, the Santa Ana Pueblo lands cover 73,000 acres east and west of the Río Grande and are home to about 500 residents.

Santa Ana is a federally recognized tribe of Native Americans, as a Native Sovereign Nation we have our executive, legislative and judicial governmental power, to govern and protect our members' health, safety and welfare, and to preserve our culture and history.

Since the early 1980s the Pueblo of Santa Ana has actively pursued a strategy of developing tribal enterprises, seeing economic independence as crucial to maintaining and safeguarding our traditional concepts and values.

Our Native community and enterprises; provide jobs for our members but also generate economic activity for Non-Natives benefiting the Counties of Sandoval and Bernalillo.

Pueblo Feast Days

June 24 - Saint John Feast Day
June 29 - Saint Peter's Feast Day
July 26 - Santa Ana Feast Day.


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